Considerations When Shopping for the Best Keyboard Piano

Buying your first ever keyboard piano is an exciting moment especially if you are musically inclined. It is a decision that requires careful thoughts. You want a musical instrument that fits the bill but more importantly, something that will make you truly happy and joyful.

Before you begin the process of choosing the best piano keyboard, ask yourself the following questions:

Is a piano keyboard really the type of music instrument that you want to pursue learning?

There are many other instruments to choose from. Basically, keyboard is wonderful and you can produce beautiful music by using this instrument. However, it is generally pricey compared to a flute or a guitar. Make sure that this decision will ignite your love for music even more so your investment is not wasted. You don’t want to buy a keyboard and just leave it in the attic.

Where do you plan to keep it?

A keyboard is usually large and requires sufficient space. Ideally, your home must have a separate music room or an empty space in the living the room. However, having a small space is not really a hindrance. You can purchase a portable keyboard and have it placed anywhere you want. You can even carry it to your friend’s house or to the nearest park.

Who will be using the piano keyboard?

Keyboards for children and adults are available. It depends on your purpose. Parents wanting their kids to learn how to play the keyboard should choose the appropriate type. Keyboards for children are generally small and do not have the complete 88 keys. Keyboards for adults, on the other hand, are large in size and are complete with special features and add-on accessories.

How much is the allotted budget?

Keyboards come in different types, sizes and of course, prices. When it comes to price, expect the cheaper ones to offer less features and probably lower quality. The most expensive brands, such as Yamaha, are expected to produce nice music and can be used for live performances and musical concerts.

Should you choose the highest level of technology?

There is no need to rush buying a keyboard with high-end technology. As a beginner, you only need the basic features. You’ll probably have a hard time understanding all the features and get tired and lose interests. Consider learning the basic steps in playing the keyboard. Step by step you will improve your keyboard skills.

What type of accessories is needed?

Most keyboards are plug-and-play meaning just plug it with an electric cord and start playing. The old models might require you to buy a foot pedal but that’s rare. The more advanced keyboards let you connect the instrument to a computer to your smart phone. You will need a USB device or a Bluetooth to do that.

What are the types of a piano keyboard?

Electric Keyboards

You don’t need to invest in a complete 88-key piano. As long as the product is built with a minimum of 5 octaves, you can already play good music. The keys are also standard size and come with a hammer action feature. If you’re a beginner, you probably won’t need the whistles and the bells but it’s up to you if you want those features as well.

Digital Pianos

Many experts would agree that this is the best type of keyboard that you can purchase as a beginner musician. The features are truly modern that you play almost all types of music including jazz and Latin. When practicing, you can plug a headphone to your digital piano and enjoy some privacy as only you can hear the music.

Grand Piano

The most expensive and the most sought-after music instrument is the grand piano. This is incomparable to your ordinary keyboard. The music is amazingly beautiful and is often used by professional musicians and concert performers. The thing about the grand piano is that it requires tuning at least twice a year. You also have to consider the temperature of the room where you intended to keep it. It is sensitive to humidity and excessive heat.


Shopping for the best keyboard is exciting and memorable. If you have a friend who is knowledgeable in keyboards, ask him to help you choose. In most cases, the sales person should also be able to make suggestions. However, don’t just follow the tips that you will receive. A music instrument is like a soul mate. You will know when you see a keyboard if it’s for you.